Following the largest protest in human history, demonstrations have continued across India for nearly 50 days, with solidarity actions around the world. CUPE Ontario is proud to build on the solidarity statements of our National Union and to pledge our active support for the hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers impacted by devastating changes to agriculture laws.

Passed by the Parliament of India in September without consultation, the laws would scrap protections for most farmers and allow big businesses to set crop prices below the usual rates. This would put countless farmers completely out of business and throw so many into unimaginable economic hardship. It would also jeopardize their land rights and the food supply for the broader population of India, and it would significantly increase the power of corporations in India’s agricultural industry.

This is, in no small part, why so many other workers and everyday people in India have joined in solidarity with the actions of farmers. The sustained and massive protests across the country have been powerful. Collective organizing led to half a million people marching to Delhi and occupying the roads and highways leading to the capital, where they intend to stay until the laws are repealed.

This week, due to these massive and ongoing demonstrations, India’s Supreme Court suspended the laws, an important blow to the Modi government.

But the work isn’t over. Farmers and their allies have made it clear that nothing short of a complete repeal of the unjust laws is acceptable.

And we, CUPE Ontario, on behalf of our 280,000 members all across the province, continue to be in solidarity with the farmers and workers in their critically important collective efforts in India.

Actions you can take to show your support:

1. Show social media solidarity

– Apply a ‘Thank a Farmer’ Fb frame while the protests are ongoing (example here.)
– Post about your solidarity with farmers and use these hashtags
#standwithfarmerschallenge #FarmerProtests #FarmersDemandJustice

2. Join the #ThePanjab60SecChallenge

– An awareness campaign to show solidarity
– Step outside and make a 60 second video: mention your name, location, solidarity with Indian farmers and nominate 3 friends by name
– Share your video, tag your friends and use these hashtags #ThePanjab60SecChallenge


3. Join the car caravan today

When:  Thursday, Jan 14th, 6:00pm- 6:45pm EST
Where: 1 Dundas St E, Toronto. Intersection of Dundas and Yonge
What: Bring your masks and bring a sign with the hashtag #OntarioLabour4Farmers + your Local for awesome photos to share later.
(Note: If you can’t make it today, there are daily rallies at the General Consulate of India. Address: 365 Bloor St E.)

4. Donate

Click here to Khalsa Aid, who are on the frontlines feeding and supporting 1.2 million people in Delhi with food and blankets.

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