Hamilton, Ont. – CUPE 5167, representing workers in the Hamilton region, is issuing the following statement in response to reports of a local Tim Hortons franchise in Dundas rolling back worker’s benefits and paid breaks, following the introduction of the province’s new minimum wage laws.

“As one of Hamilton’s largest unions, representing 4,300 workers in the City, we condemn any employers that are cutting or contemplating rolling back workers’ benefits and working conditions in response to Ontario’s minimum wage laws.

Like workers across the Hamilton region, our members value the importance of fair wages and decent working conditions. Fair wages allow workers to support and raise families in their communities, thereby contributing to the growth of those communities. Decent working conditions, like appropriate paid-breaks for front-line workers, are essential in a progressive work environment.

Hamilton is the home of the original Tim Hortons. As one of Canada’s most recognized brands that usually supports the communities they serve, it was surprising to hear that the Dundas Tim Hortons franchise is planning to cut benefits and breaks for workers who already work very hard serving the iconic ‘Double Doubles and Tim Bits’ to local patrons.

That is why CUPE 5167 will be participating in the ‘Stand Up for Tim Hortons’ Employees’ rally organized by the Hamilton and District Labour Council on Wednesday January 10 at 38 York Road, Dundas, Ontario.  We fully support all workers’ rights for fair wages and decent working conditions and will keep a watchful eye on potential employers and businesses that are contemplating rolling back workers’ benefits and working conditions.”

A statement from CUPE 5167.


For more information, please contact:

Sandra Walker, CUPE 5167 President, 905-912-1716

James Chai, CUPE Communications, 905-739-3999