Celebrate Toronto Carnival 2018
with the CUPE Ontario Racial Justice Committee

Around the world, Carnival celebrations began as part of the struggle for emancipation. They were a way for enslaved Africans to assert their dignity and humanity in a society where they were prohibited from other forms of expression. Click here for a fact-sheet about the history of Carnival.

CUPE Ontario is asking each Local to encourage member participation in Carnival and for larger Locals to sponsor members to attend this important cultural event.

We are proud to be working with Epic Mass this year. Click here for more information about their costumes.


CUPE Ontario will cover the cost of up to 50 registrants’ costumes. CUPE Ontario will be paying for the back line, but additional modifications must be covered by participants. 

Please note that this year’s Carnival organizers have indicated that unfortunately only individuals 18 and over will be allowed to participate.  


For more information, please contact Veriline Howe at [email protected]. Please check back here for updates closer to the date.

Please note that registration to play mas has now closed.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Locked out workers at Exhibition Place could impact Carnival (Read our statement)

We hope that this lock out will be resolved before Carnival.

Our response as a union to a situation like this must be consistent and clear.  Should CUPE members be locked out by an employer, and request the solidarity and support of other trade unionists and community members, we would hope they would provide it.

In the event the lockout continues, CUPE Ontario support staff will no be crossing IATSE Local 58’s picket lines. Other items CUPE Ontario normally provides to participants, such as a support trailer and other resources, will not be provided. 

CUPE Ontario is asking you to show support for these important workers by not crossing their picket lines.