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Dalton McGuinty took the freeze off tuition fees, and now they are skyrocketing.  Ontario now ranks second last in provincial funding for post-secondary education.

CUPE is fighting for:
• Thousands of students who’ve faced tuition fee increases of 4.5% to 8%.
• Tens of thousands of CUPE members who are also students.
• Working families who want the right to have their kids attend university.

CUPE believes:
• Tuition fees are user fees; another form of privatization that hurts us all.
• Post-secondary education is a public good; not a marketplace commodity.
• Tuition fees must be frozen and rolled back, and access to financial aid and grants expanded.

On February 7, join the National Day of Action to Reduce Tuition Fees. Find out what’s happening on your campus. Contact the Canadian Federation of Students- Ontario at

Make Tuition Fees An Election Issue.

On October 4, 2007, Ontario goes to the polls. We all have an opportunity to shape the kind of government that believes in students and in post-secondary education for working families.

Contact your MPP now. Send the message that we expect all MPPs to act now to reduce tuition fees or they will not get your vote!

Tell your MPP.
No Tuition Fee Reduction. No Vote.