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 A daily newsletter en route to Windsor June 12
For June 10, 2009, B minus 2 days

Time is running out! Sisters and brothers in Windsor need your support! Buses from across Ontario are ready to roll and there are a few spaces available. If you can spare the time, we will find a space for you! Click on this link to find the bus closest to you!

Too rich for us, but not for the Mayor—CUPE Locals 82 and 543 have been out on strike for more than two months now because the employer wants to strip future workers of post-retirement benefits. Now comes word that former City Councillor-turned-Mayor Eddie Francis voted to give himself the same benefits he wants to take away from future city workers. Now that’s classy!

Sid spells it out—Look for CUPE Ontario President Sid Ryan’s thoughtful article in Thursday’s Windsor Star. In it, he lays out why the only thing keeping CUPE Locals 82 and 543 from returning to work is the city’s refusal to submit to arbitration. Here’s an excerpt:

“Depending on your vantage point, a ‘divide and conquer’ strategy might garner a few more votes or sell a few extra newspapers, but it also conveniently avoids asking harder questions about how our economy got into this mess in the first place, and why workers—whether from Chrysler or the Corporation of the City of Windsor—ought to be the ones who pay the price for the mistakes of Big Business and their friends in government.

Perhaps there will be a time to ask those hard questions, but this is not the time for that discussion or to continue attacking working people. Right now, Windsor needs to get back to work. Now is the time for arbitration.”

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