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September 19, 2008

Hello there:

Am forwarding a self-explanatory e-mail that I’ve just sent to our local
P.E.County councillor ( P. Mertens ) concerning the above. My wife and I
agree entirely with CUPE’s position on this project and urge CUPE to use
every effort to stop any sort of so-called “P3” involvement with the new
waste-water treatment plant to be built here in Prince Edward County.




To: P.Mertens, Councillor, Ward 3 – Wellington, Prince Edward County Council.

Dear Mr. Mertens:

We understand that Prince Edward County Council is meeting on September 22,
2008, to decide whether to build the new waste-water treatment plant as a
public venture or pay a group of companies to design,build and operate it
as a so-called “Public Private Partnership” (P3).

This is to inform you that, as Prince Edward County tax-payers, we are
utterley opposed to any involvement, in any form, of any public/private
partnership in this new waste-water plant. We wish this new facility to
be built, owned and operated exclusively by Prince Edward County – not any
third party.

So-called “P3” arrangements invariably result poorer service to the
community and lower operating standards and render public control and
accountability impossible to achieve. As you no doubt know, there are lots
of examples where this has proven to be the case, here in Canada and
especially in the U.K.. It’s our money that’s being expended so we have
the right to say where, to whom and for what purpose it should be spent.

Please do everything in your power to reject the subject “P3” option and
ensure that the new waste-water treatment facility is designed, built and
operated from “day one”, and thereafter, solely by P.E.County Council.

Thank you for your help with this. Please acknowledge confirming that you
will be complying with this request.

Yours sincerely,

William and Pamela Gilchrist,