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In the wake of a peaceful sit-in at the University of Toronto (U of T) on March 20, organized to protest increasing tuition fees, students, staff and organizers – many members of CUPE are being subjected to a campaign of intimidation by the U of T’s administration and police.

Fourteen students and workers have been charged with extremely serious offences, including forcible confinement. They have been released on strict bail conditions, which ban them from associating with one another outside of courts and classes, several students, staff and alumni have been completely banned from U of T property – in some cases excluding them from earning a living. As well, they have been barred from protesting anywhere on U of T property.

U of T is investigating 12 students under the Code of Student Conduct which could lead to their being expelled from the university.

This treatment of students and staff comes at a time when the administration is publicly lobbying for the deregulation of tuition fees and now students are prevented from continuing to organize on campus around university fees.

In light of these circumstances, The U of T Fight Fees 14 have asked for assistance from CUPE, our communities, allies and friends to seek financial support and to fight the disciplinary proceedings and criminal charges undertaken by the U of T administration and the police. Freedom to demonstrate is a Charter right. The fight against all fees must continue.

Please go to the link below to sign the online petition.