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Code Red SAMS

Campaign Letter to MPPs


A message from the Social Service Workers Coordinating Committee:

To keep the problems created by SAMS on the minds of MPPs, we are encouraging members from Ontario Works to send letters to their individual MPPs. It is one way to increase political pressure to finding a resolution to the SAMS crisis.

If you do not know who your MPP you can search your home address or postal code to determine your riding here.

There are a few key things to emphasize when adding your personal information and impact statements:

  • Do not use your work email address or your work address for this action. You are taking this action as a constituent of an MPP who resides in their riding.
  • Do not name your employer or job title.
  • Do not provide client details that could breach confidentiality.
  • Remember that not all MPP’s have been briefed on the SAMS issue, so workplace specific issues or highly technical terms may not be understood. Instead focus on SAMS as the Government truly has the control over what “tool” we use to deliver assistance.
  • Please keep a copy of your letter for your records.

In solidarity,

Members of the SSSWCC



Your Name

Your Home Street Address

Your Home City, ON

Your Home Postal Code    


Date March 2015

RE: SAMS & and the Delivery of Ontario Works services

Dear MPP (Insert Title & Name),

I am writing this letter to you as a member of your constituency. I wanted to take this opportunity to bring to your attention the current crisis I am experiencing in trying to work with SAMS and deliver social assistance through Ontario Works.

I have been working in Ontario Works for the <X> number of years. The implementation of SAMS in November 2014 has had a direct impact on how I perform my duties and provide services to recipients of Ontario Works.

The two priority issues to which I wish to draw you attention are: <e.g. increased data entry time, lack of reliability of the system, poor design, limited functionality, inability to produce payment in a timely fashion, etc.)>

Although SAMS has had a direct impact on my productivity and ability to do my job effectively, the recipients of Ontario Works have also had to endure this crisis.

<optional paragraph outlining the impact to client and the detrimental effect on case planning and addressing the needs of clients>

I understand the Government has announced an Independent Review of SAMS. I am requesting that you follow-up with the Minister of Community & Social Services as my MPP. The process of a review will take time, and I have been working with SAMS since November and there has been minimal improvement. Each and every day I face challenges with delivering Ontario Works and am past the point of frustration. You attention is necessary to advocate for an immediate intervention with the Minister.



Full Name