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How many delegates is my local eligible to bring to Convention?

The number of delegates your local can bring to represent your membership at Convention 2012 is based on the total number of members that your local is paying per capita tax on, using the following table:


1 to 100 members  • TWO delegates  101 to 200 • THREE Delegates
201 to 300  • FOUR delegates 301 to 400 • FIVE delegates
401 to 500 • SIX delegates 501 to 600 • SEVEN delegates
601 to 700 • EIGHT delegates 701 to 850 • NINE  delegates
851 to 1000 • TEN delegates    

and one additional delegate for each 500 members (or major portion thereof).  Your locals’ Second Call package contains Delegate Forms that are in proportion to the number of members in your local reports to CUPE Ontario.

To be entitled to representation at Convention 2012, a local union has to pay per capita tax on its total membership up to March 31st, 2012.  Also note that Article 6.7 of the CUPE National constitution provides that no organization, in arrears two (2) or more months with per capita tax payments to the national union, will be allowed representation at a division convention.  Please ensure that the CUPE National per capita tax payments for your local are up to date.

I am a representative of a District Council or Council of Unions.  How many delegates are eligible to attend Convention 2012?

District councils are entitled to bring two delegates per affiliated council.  For councils of unions, one delegate per affiliated council of unions can attend Convention 2012.  Representatives from district councils or councils of unions must hold membership in an affiliated local union in order to be eligible to attend.

Additionally, a district council or council of unions shall have paid its annual affiliation fee by April 30th, 2012.  Please ensure that the CUPE National per capita tax payments for your district council / council of unions are up to date.

What is an “alternate delegate”?

Alternate delegates (also known as “Alternates”) are entitled to attend convention and also speak on issues, however they cannot vote unless a registered delegate from their local is absent, and has given their delegate badge to the alternate delegate.

How many alternate delegates is my local union / district council / councils of unions eligible to have?

The number of alternates your local can bring to represent your membership at convention is based on the total number of members that your local is paying per capita tax on, using the following table:


75 members or less ONE  alternate 501 to 1000 THREE alternates
76 to 500  TWO alternates 1001 and up FOUR alternates

For district councils and councils of unions up to one alternate per affiliated council is eligible to attend convention.

How do I register delegates for Convention 2012?

Member locals must first elect their convention delegates from their membership, keeping in mind the maximum number of delegates and alternates that your local can send.

Once elected, delegates must have a completed Delegate Credentials Forms for each delegate that the local chooses to send to convention.  You will find the Delegate Credentials Forms in the convention Second Call package sent to your local.  There are two types of Credentials forms – Original and Copy.  Copy forms are to be kept by the delegate and presented to the registration desk at Convention 2012.

Original credentials forms must be signed by the president of your local, must be physically mailed to CUPE Ontario, and must include the cheque payment.  Faxes and e-mails of these original forms are not accepted.  Please make cheques payable to CUPE Ontario.  The address to submit original forms is:

Candace Rennick, 
Secretary-Treasurer, CUPE Ontairo
80 Commerce Valley Drive East

Suite 1

Markham, Ontario

L3T 0B2

Registration at Convention will begin at 2:00pm on Wednesday, May 23rd.

We are from a small local with less than 100 members and are having financial difficulty sending our delegates to convention. What options are available for us?

Locals with under 100 members may complete a Small Local Subsidy Form.  Upon approval, CUPE Ontario will cover the cost of one registration fee as well as reasonable transportation costs.  Click Here to download the form

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