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Unions, leaders rallying in Sudbury Saturday to save ONTC

June 23 
The Globe & Mail 

Budget battle driven by plan to expand, sell Service Ontario

 June 18
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg Election threat hurts McGuinty: Liberals would take most of blame if budget fails to pass, poll finds  June 18
Sale moving ahead ; ONTC DIVESTMENT June 4 
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg Privatization of major agencies would require vote, says Dwight Duncan June 4 
thespec.jpg McGuinty putting privatization of public services on hold June 3
The Guardian Cameron’s ‘big society’ undermined by cuts and distrust, says studyre May 7
The Globe & Mail  Regime change in France signals wider shift in European outlook May 6
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg Dalton McGuinty, Tim Hudak, Andrea Horwath take turns playing nice May 5
The Globe & Mail  Proposal for Niagara region would replace four hospitals with one central care centre May 3
The Spec Doctors’ talks at impasse, government refuses conciliation May 3
HamiltonCommunityNews-1.jpg  Working to protect a public Service Ontario May 3
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg Transformation needs majority, McGuinty says May 2
SudburyStar.png  Fight to halt ONTC sale rolls on April 26
The Globe & Mail  McGuinty government talks tough to Ontario doctors
April 25
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg Ontario Budget: NDP moves save Liberal budget and prevent an election April 24
Ottawa Citizen  Let rich pay fair share April 2
kawathra%20paper.jpg Provincial budget sparks a variety of reactions March 29
SudburyStar.png Ontario Northland enough to oppose budget: Critics  March 29
 national%20post.jpg  McGuinty’s fate now in NDP’s hands March 29
ctv%20news.jpg  Liberal budget sets up battle with public sector unions March 28
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg Ontario budget 2012: Public servants hit with wage freeze March 28
 WindsorStar.png  Public sector showdown –

Budget called ‘attack’ on working class
March 28
North Bay Nugget BUDGET: Liberals take aim at the North March 28
SudburyStar.png ‘Hunger Games budget’ March 28
The Daily Press Nothing for the North March 28
Cnews Ontario threatens to legislate wage freezes March 28
 cbc%20news-1.jpg Ontario budget targets public sector wages, pensions 

March 28

citynews.jpg Labour unions will challenge Ontario government on budget cuts  March 28
Toronto Sun Ontario threatens to legislate wage freezes March 28
680 News Health Care workers rally ahead of Ontario budget release March 27
CTV Ontario budget angers local unions, public sector employees March 27
NOW  McGuinty’s unbalanced budget March 27
Toronto Sun  Liberals ‘perilously close’ to labour fight: OPSEU boss March 27
Daily Miner and News Health care workers protest possible cuts March 27
Toronto Star  Ontario budget causes labour pains March 27
WindsorStar.png Shoes for Dwight Duncan March 26 
SudburyStar.png Province cuts ONTC, set to sell MNDM building; Ontario Northland to operate for time being March 25
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg Ontario budget: Child benefit increase being delayed and social assistance rates frozen March 25
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg Hospital brass say wage freeze prompting union drives March 25
St Catharines Standard Niagara is struggling March 23
610.jpg  Niagara In Trouble Says CUPE March 22
Rabble McGuinty’s austerity agenda will do nothing to create jobs, says CUPE Ont. president February 24
Star-Chevron_reasonably_small.jpg  Walkom: Drummond-style restraint would be Ontario’s Greek tragedy February 21
SudburyStar.png  ‘Worse than we thought,’ says Drummond Report February 16
CUPE Ontario  Drummond “austerity” cure: bad medicine for ailing economy February 15
SudburyStar.png  Massive government cuts would be bad for economy, hearing told February 10
CUPE Ontario  McGuinty plan an economic recovery killer February 9


CUPE Ontario’s Submission to the Drummond Commission

Chainsaw Cuts to Ontario Workers

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