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Dear Friends,
 We call on your support to help if you can each, in your own right or that
 of your organization as well through any networks you have to call on the
 Canadian Government to take immediate steps to demand the Honduran
 government to protect the rights of civil society in Honduras, to request to
 cease current negotiations with Honduras towards the Free Trade Agreement
 until an environment of full human rights protection has been effectively
 implemented, and acknowledged by credible international human rights
 We have attached here an *URGENT ACTION BACKGROUNDER* document of the recent
 situation in Honduras and a *SAMPLE LETTER TO CANADIAN GOVERNMENT* that you
 can copy/modify/sign to send to key contacts mentioned below. We ask that
 you *Copy* and* Paste* the attached letter and the following e-mail
 addresses on your TO and CC fields of your email message (at the end of this
 email you will find Names and Titles of these contacts).
 We request that you send this letter as soon as possible. *

Click here for Sample Letter

Click here for HONDURAS: Urgent Backgrounder Information

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 [email protected]; [email protected];
 [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
 [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
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 [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected];
 [email protected]
 *CC: *
 [email protected]; [email protected];
 Should you require more information or have any questions, please do not
 hesitate to contact us at your convenience.
 In Solidarity,
 E: [email protected]
 *LACSN“ Latin American Honduras Working Group*

 For your info, Names and Titles of the contacts above:*
 – Honduran Ambassador to Canada, Sofia Cerrato ([email protected]
 [email protected])
 – Canadian Ambassador to Honduras based in Costa Rica, Cameron MacKay (
 [email protected])
 – Minister of Foreign Affairs Lawrence Cannon ([email protected])
 – Minister of State for the Americas Diane Ablonczy ([email protected])
 – NDP MPs Peter Julian ([email protected])
 – Paul Dewar (Foreign Affairs critic) ([email protected])
 – Bloc MP Dorion (Foreign Affairs Critic) and Liberal MPs Bernard Patry (
 [email protected])
 – Glen Pearson ([email protected])
 – Bob Rae ([email protected])
 – Martha Hall Findlay ([email protected])
 – José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General, Organization of American States –
 OAS ([email protected])
 – Sr. Felipe González, President, Inter-American Commission for Human
 ([email protected])
 – Lawrence Cannon, Minister for Foreign Affairs
 ([email protected])
 – Peter Van Loan, Minister for International Trade ([email protected])
 – H.E. Allan Culham, Ambassador, Permanent Representative to the OAS
 [email protected])
 – Jorge Alberto Rivera Avilés, President of the Supreme Court of Honduras
 ([email protected])
 – Luis Alberto Rubì, Attorney General of the Republic of Honduras
 [email protected])
 – Bernard Patry, Chair of Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and
 International Trade
 ([email protected])
 – Diane Ablonczy, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs
 [email protected])
 – Honduras Working Group of the Latin American and Caribbean Solidarity
 Network ([email protected])
 – Committee of Relatives of the Detained and Disappeared in Honduras –
 COFADEH ([email protected])