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Labour Day is about celebrating all those women and men in Canada whose hard work every day keeps this country going.  It is about factory workers and teachers and nurses and those who keep our cities safe and clean.  And, it is about how we can all work together to make life better for all.

While there are, today, some welcome signs of economic improvement, the global economic crisis that began in 2008 still looms large.  In many communities,  service and job losses continue, and Ontarians are troubled because they know that every dollar the Ontario government plans to give away in new corporate tax cuts is a dollar that won’t go to protecting services or reducing the provincial deficit.

Something is wrong with this picture.  Something is wrong when workers are being blamed, albeit subtly, for an economic crisis they did not cause while the captains of industry and finance are rewarded with billions in new tax cuts.

Labour Day is a day for workers voices to be heard.  And, this fall as well, we have the opportunity to have worker’s voices heard in municipal and school board elections. 

Our vision of Ontario is one where there are good jobs for people, in the both the public and private sectors, where all workers rights are respected and no one is left behind, where we respect equality and human rights, and where we all can access the public services and supports we need everyday.

Today there is much to celebrate, and much to do.  And when we work together in solidarity with our communities, our neighbours and friends, there is much we will accomplish.

Fred Hahn                          

Candace Rennick


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