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March 9, 2010

Dear Sisters and Brothers:


Did you know that over 80% of people in Canada and around the world live in cities. Our cities and communities face many challenges. Probably the most significant challenge results from the ever-growing mismatch between community needs, growing program and financial resources and skewed government priorities. Municipalities are cash-strapped, getting just eight cents of every dollar raised in taxes in Canada, and as a result our public services and communities are at risk. Over the past couple of years, we have felt the impact of cut backs resulting from tax breaks for corporations, funding cuts, and the pressure is on to turn to privatization as the solution. But privatized services inevitably mean less quality and in the long run cost cities and all of us more.

So if you are wondering if the municipal and school board elections matter – absolutely!

On this October 25, 2010 we need you and all CUPE members to vote and make a difference. Take that first step and sign up today for a training session to get your local active in this election.
CUPE is working in partnership with the Canadian Labour Congress to build and activate workers around the province for the 2010 municipal and school board elections. Your first step is to attend a FREE training session organized in your community. The registration deadline is ten days prior to each workshop. Please refer to the enclosed Ontario Municipal News, Winter 2010 newsletter for information on dates and locations of the training.

There are four workshops offered including: municipal fundamentals, organizer training, campaign manager and candidate training. These free workshops take place on a Saturday and Sunday and include a free lunch. This education will help build your capacity to tackle the issues, get organized and develop tools and skills to be involved in the election campaign or run as a candidate for city council or as a school board trustee.

Sign up by simply completing the accompanying registration form to indicate your interest.
Send your form to:  FAX:  416.441-4073 or via e-mail it to: [email protected]
For info on the workshops, please phone 416-441-3710 ext. 221 or 222

Want to get more involved in CUPE’s Municipal & School Board Election Campaign?
CONTACT:  Maureen Giuliani,
CUPE Ontario Campaigns Coordinator
E-mail : [email protected]  or phone 416-299-9739 ext. 309


Training for Barrie, Hamilton and Timmins
Saturday April 10, Sunday April 11 ~ Must apply no later than April 1, 2010

Training for Ottawa, Peterborough and Sudbury
Saturday April 24, Sunday April 25 ~ Must apply by no later than April 16, 2010

Training for Brampton, Sault St. Marie and Windsor 
Saturday May 1, Sunday May 2 ~ Must apply by no later than April 23, 2010

Training for Waterloo, Durham and Thunder Bay
Saturday June 5, Sunday June 6  ~ Must apply no later than May 28, 2010

Training for Quinte, Belleville, London & St. Catherines
Saturday June 12, Sunday June 13  ~ Must apply no later than June 4, 2010

Municipal Fundamentals – Ever wondered what your city council does, or how it works? Do you know how a school board trustee impacts the day to day life of your children? Their role? We will look at the impact city councils and school boards have on our lives. Not everybody needs to be a campaign organizer or candidate. There is a role for you! If you want to get active in the next municipal election, this is the place to start.

Organizer Training -Campaigns require organizers. This training will equip participants with in-depth organizing and coordinating skills for campaigns. We will reinforce the importance of campaign strategic planning and the steps required to develop such a plan. This course will also strengthen skills in volunteer recruitment, leadership, problem-solving techniques, coalition strategies, campaign organizing and voter contact.

Campaign Manager – The campaign manager is a key player in any campaign. Whether it is managing the campaign for a candidate for elected office or running a campaign on a key community issue, this training is designed for those who want to put their organizing and leadership skills as campaigners to the test and learn some of the fundamentals in developing strategic campaign and interpersonal skills.

Candidate Training – Are you or do you know a labour-friendly person who is going to be a candidate? This training will help with the fundamentals of being a candidate – how to get started as a candidate, putting together a campaign team, fundraising, council/school board structure, how to talk to the media. This workshop, based on the CLC’s Candidate’s Toolbox, will help in the re-election phase, the election campaign itself and beyond to describe how one deals with victory or survives defeat.
                                        In Solidarity,

Fred Hahn                                   

Candace Rennick


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