It’s time for the Ontario we deserve

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Ontarians have been through so much

We're stretched thin.
Worn out.

The Ford Conservatives chose to spend $2,000 less per person every year on public services compared to other provinces, meaning hallway medicine, overcrowded schools, and the highest postsecondary tuition and childcare fees – even before the pandemic.

But despite it all, we’ve kept going, kept our communities running, and kept saying: we demand better.

Our union, the broader labour movement, our communities across the province, countless coalition partners, and the NDP have consistently spoken with one voice.

When we demand better and vote together, there’s nothing we can’t win.

This is the Ontario we deserve.

It’s an Ontario where government will:

A Native American woman sits at the dining room table and works on a laptop computer as her adolescent son works on homework next to her. The woman's elementary age daughter is sitting on her lap and is looking at the computer screen.

Invest in our public services

Ontario spends less on public services per person than any other province. We are so far behind we would need to spend an additional $30-billion just to catch up to the rest of country.
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Make the wealthy pay their fair share

The Ford Conservatives have transferred billions to profitable corporations through tax cuts and measures like electric subsidies – resources we surely could use for the collective good instead.
Senior man

Strengthen workers’ rights

Front-line workers aren’t being treated like the heroes that they are. They have faced constant attacks on their right to free collective bargaining and have had their right to safe workplaces undermined.
A side view a teacher and her pupil having a chat outside of the classroom of a school in Hexham in the North East of England. they are sitting together and having a discussion the young girl has a fed-up look on her face.

Raise wages and tackle the cost of living

The cost of living in Ontario is exploding. Meanwhile, the Ford Conservatives have refused to repeal a law that caps public sector wages at below the rate of inflation; haven’t increased social assistance rates in years; and haven’t created a plan to address the housing crisis.
From below exhausted young doctor with bruises on face from protective glasses and masks having hot drink while relaxing on floor after hard work with patients COVID 19 infected in hallway of modern clinic

Fight inequality and the climate crisis

The pandemic only exposed and worsened long-standing fault lines in our communities. Equity seekers felt the brunt of the crisis, both in health and in economic outcomes. It’s time for real action to improve the health of our communities and environment.

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