Jagmeet Singh and the NDP - In it for CUPE Members

Over the last six years, Justin Trudeau could have legislated universal pharmacare, made the wealthy pay their fair share and taken real action on climate change, but he didn’t. Now he’s called an election during a pandemic and is making his same old promises.


When it comes to the Conservatives, Doug Ford’s repeated failures during this pandemic tell us all we need to know about why Erin O’Toole isn’t the option for our future.

That’s why CUPE is supporting Jagmeet Singh and the NDP. Jagmeet and the NDP have a clear plan to make life more affordable, to invest in public services, end for-profit Long Term Care, and to tax those who profited from the pandemic, using that money to help the rest of us.

Jagmeet and the NDP will:

Implement universal pharmacare and dental care

Invest in affordable housing

Make the rich pay their fair share

Take action against climate change and invest in a green jobs future

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