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This Wednesday, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) Board will vote on a proposal to remove guaranteed indexing at OMERS.

OMERS plan members on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t have to worry about their future pension benefits being cut.

Send the OMERS SC Board members a message to vote no to removing this important pension benefit. Click here to send a final message to the OMERS SC Board before they vote on Wednesday.

The Message:

As an OMERS member, I join thousands of others, writing to tell you to vote no on the proposal to remove guaranteed indexing at OMERS.

We, the plan members of OMERS, remain shocked the OMERS SC Board is considering this critical change in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We know if the SC Board votes to remove guaranteed indexing on June 24th, our pensions in retirement will be less secure, less likely to keep up with inflation, especially for those of us who are younger and at the beginning of our working life.

We know our employers share no risk in this cynically termed “Shared Risk” indexing proposal and will, in fact, transfer risk for our pension plan funding from themselves to us as workers if it passes.

We know our pensions, and the pensions of future OMERS members, will be diminished.

We know this is wrong.

Members of OMERS, like me, will be watching the OMERS SC Board closely on Wednesday.

Listen to the voices of OMERS plan members. Vote to ensure we can retire in dignity with pensions that are guaranteed to keep up with inflation. Vote to maintain the joint nature of OMERS. Vote, with common decency as your guide, against any proposal to cut benefits during this pandemic.

Vote No on the proposal to remove guaranteed indexing.


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