Support communities, not cuts.

September 9th note:

Peterborough Council has voted to defer the recommendation to close these centres in Peterborough tonight.  Thank you to everyone who sent a message and to everyone who helped stop these harmful cuts.  With that said, the fight isn’t over yet – stay tuned for more information as it comes.

Old information:

On Monday September 9, Peterborough councillors will decide whether or not to receive a report that recommends the closure of two municipally owned child care centres and two before-and-after school programs.

These centres have offered top-quality care to the children of Peterborough for decades, and they provide good, stable jobs in an industry plagued by low wages and precarious work for a workforce that is predominately women. Due to cuts by the Ford Conservatives, the city is considering closing down these centres.

Follow the instruction below to send a message to the mayor and your councillor. Tell them to support communities, not cuts and vote “NO” on September 9.

Dear Mayor Therrien and City Councillors,

I am counting on you to defend high-quality public services in our city. Peterborough’s municipal child care centres provide the highest quality care for children and good jobs in an industry that is plagued by low wages and precarious work for a workforce that is predominately women. The City of Peterborough must be a leader and set an example by continuing to operate its child care centres instead of following the Ford Conservatives’ agenda of cuts, low wages and privatization. We elected this council to work in the best interest of the people of Peterborough. We elected a council that promised transparent dialogue. City administration is attempting to fast-track a crucial decision that affects the lives of many families in Peterborough resulting in potential harm – that is why we are asking you to support communities, not cuts. Vote NO on Monday September 9.


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