The City of Kenora has decided to start the clock ticking toward a Christmas lockout of its own workers. Today we learned the deadline will be December 26th at 12:01 a.m. We would like them to get back to the table with us, and resolve this together. We cannot believe that in 2020 of all years, they would prefer to lock out their own workers – the people who plow snow, fix broken water mains, collect garbage and recycling, work at City Hall, and so much more.

We need your support to send a clear message to Mayor and City Councillors, to let them know that you are watching and you will hold them accountable for what happens in the days to come.

If you are a resident of Kenora, send a letter to the Mayor and Councillors:

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am a resident of the Kenora area and I am writing to tell you how dismayed I am that you set a Christmas lockout deadline against your own workers at the City of Kenora.

In this year of all years, that the City is preparing to lock out the people who plow our streets, collect our garbage, and fix broken water mains – it is shocking to me as a resident of Kenora.

I urge you to send your negotiators back to the table with the goal of getting a fair deal.  I hope you understand that we as residents see City workers as crucial to our quality of life. I don’t think, as someone who lives here, that you will want to be remembered as a Council that locked out its own workers in a pandemic year, at Christmastime.

I hope you will reflect on what kind of legacy it would leave if the City were to go the lockout route.

Yours truly,

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