CUPE Ontario has a proud tradition of fighting for equality for all members, and as a union we have pioneered many advances in LGBTQ2S rights.

Our union was the first in Canada to use collective bargaining to advance LGBTQ2S rights. We challenged the definition of “spouse” in court and won, opening the door for same-sex spousal benefits for all Canadians. We supported member Martine Stonehouse in her landmark case that resulted in gender reassignment surgery being relisted by OHIP. And we actively campaign for legislation such as “Toby’s Law,” which extends human rights protection to transgender people.

Through political action and collective bargaining, our union has made important strides for LGBTQ2S rights for our workers, our communities and for everyone in Canada. It is a tradition we are continuing, and we encourage all members to participate in your local pride events and make 2019 a summer of CUPE pride.