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Premier Ford:

This crisis is like few others. It’s both a health and a financial crisis. Unemployment has exploded for Ontarians; people are worried about rent, mortgages, and about putting food on the table; and essential workers are on the job without the protections they need.

While the government of Ontario has taken some important steps to deal with this crisis so far, we need more. We need to immediately support everyone and put us in a better position to recover and thrive post-pandemic. Premier Ford, we need a plan that rises to the challenge today.

People need work – and they must be protected. This means ensuring access to PPE for all workers; expanding contact tracing and testing capacity to flatten the curve and create jobs; and establishing funding to prevent the layoffs of public sector workers.

People need direct support. We need to create an Ontario Emergency Income Benefit to ensure immediate financial support of at least $2,000 for those who need it; make pandemic pay permanent and expand to include all front-line workers, then equalize wages at the highest rate for workers doing the same job in the same sector; and we need to ensure no one loses their homes while we recover.

And we must ensure no Ontarian is left behind by consulting with workers and their unions about the road to a safe and sustainable recovery. Leaving no one behind also means enhancing supports to those vulnerable in our communities and tracking the disproportionate impacts of this pandemic.

I urge you to include this into a plan to defend Ontarians today and ensure a renewal for all.

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