As of 3:00pm on April 26, the online registration link is closed, and we will be moving to walk-in registrations starting at 7:30am on Wednesday April 27 via the virtual Convention office.

You can access the Convention office at the link below. The office virtual Convention office hours are as follows:

Click this link to be greeted by a CUPE Ontario staffperson to answer your questions.

April 27, 2022    7:30am to 7:00pm
April 28, 2022    7:30am to 6:45pm
April 29, 2022    7:30am to 5:00pm

Please note that it will take some time to finalize the registration and caucus links. We will work as quickly as possible to get Locals into the Convention. Please allow a maximum of 3 hours for this process to be completed.

Helpful Resources

Tech Support line

Can’t get into Convention?  Zoom not working properly?
Click here for a list of support contacts, or call 1-833-368-7123 or 1-833-DOTS-123 for technical support assistance.
Phone lines are open April 26 – April 29 from 8:00AM – 5:30PM.

Join Convention Now

The Main Convention Floor is live from Wednesday, April 27 to Friday, April 29 starting each day at 9 AM.
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Download the Convention Zoom background

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Wednesday, April 27 through Friday, April 29, 2022

Virtual Convention
Contact: Meaghan Dixon
905-739-9739 x 644
[email protected]

Convention Call

In accordance with Article 4 of the Constitution, you are hereby notified that the 58th Annual CUPE Ontario Convention will convene online on Wednesday, April 27, 2022 and will conclude on Friday, April 29, 2022. Registration details to follow. Click here to read the Final Call notice.

As we are organizing a virtual Convention, we are strongly encouraging all Locals to ensure that they register as early as possible to avoid any glitches. If your Local ends up registering at the time of the Convention, there is no guarantee about the time it will take to finalize the registration process.

Announcement: CUPE Ontario’s 2022 Convention will be virtual

Although in-person conventions are incredible opportunities for us to gather, to connect, and to organize, CUPE Ontario’s Executive board has had to make the difficult decision to have a virtual Convention in 2022.

The decision followed recommendations from experts like epidemiologists and is informed by our commitment to ensuring the health and safety of delegates, elected leaders, and staff and to do everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID 19.

Please read the motion to move the convention virtually that was passed by the Executive Board here.

More information will be coming to all locals soon – including registration information.

Please see the video below, from CUPE Ontario Secretary-Treasurer Yolanda McClean, which outlines the registration and voting processes for the 2022 VIRTUAL CUPE Ontario Convention.

Representation at Convention

Basis of Representation Maximum Number of Delegates
1 to 100 members Two delegates
101 to 200 members Three delegates
201 to 300 members Four delegates
301 to 400 members Five delegates
401 to 500 members Six delegates
501 to 600 members Seven delegates
601 to 700 members Eight delegates
701 to 850 members Nine delegates
851 to 1000 members Ten delegates

and one additional delegate for each additional 500 memberships or major portion thereof.

For each affiliated District Council, the basis for representation shall be two delegates. For each affiliated Council of Unions, the basis for representation shall be one delegate.  Representatives from District Councils or Councils of Unions must hold membership in an affiliated Local Union.

Local unions sending one or more delegates who identify as a member of an equity seeking group (Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+, racialized, women, workers with a disability and/or young workers) to the CUPE Ontario Convention shall be entitled to one (1) additional delegate. [Article 4(d)2.f of the CUPE Ontario Constitution.]

To be entitled to representation at Convention, a Local Union shall have paid per capita tax on its total membership up to and including March 31st of the year in which the Convention is held. Such payment must be received prior to the commencement of Convention. Any Local that has not paid up its per capita by this date will be subject to the Convention late fee for all delegates being seated. [Article 4(d)2.b) of the CUPE Ontario Constitution.]

Additionally, Article 6.7 of the National Constitution provides that no organization in arrears two (2) or more months with per capita tax payments to the National Union will be allowed representation at a Division Convention.

The membership upon which the per capita payment for the last quarter of the calendar year preceding Convention is made shall be used for the purpose of determining delegate representation at Convention.  A District Council or Council of Unions shall have paid its annual affiliation fee by the commencement of Convention. [Article 4(d)2.c) & d) of the CUPE Ontario Constitution]

Alternate Delegates

An affiliated Local Union, District Council or Council of Unions may elect alternate delegates to attend annual Conventions. An alternate delegate shall be entitled to attend sessions of the Convention, and shall be entitled to voice but no vote, except in the absence of a duly elected delegate. For the purpose of this section, the duly elected alternate delegate must be in possession of a delegate’s badge prior to being afforded vote. [Article 4(e)1 of the CUPE Ontario Constitution.]

Basis of Representation Maximum Number of Alternates
75 members or less One alternate
76 to 500 members Two alternates
501 to 1000 members Three alternates
1001 members or more Four alternates

For District Councils or Councils of Unions, the basis for representation shall be one alternate per affiliated Council. Representation from District Councils or Councils of Unions must hold membership in an affiliated local union. [Article 4(e)2 of the CUPE Ontario Constitution]

Retiree Delegates

[4.3] In addition, all locals, district councils, bargaining councils, and other affiliated organizations are eligible to send one (1) retiree delegate with voice but no vote except for a vote in a caucus of registered retiree delegates to elect their representative.


Any member who has declared for election to any position, and makes it known in writing to the Secretary-Treasurer no later than February 11, 2022 shall be given the opportunity to provide up to a one hundred and fifty words statement as an election profile that shall be printed and distributed through regular mail and posted online. CUPE Ontario will not be responsible for translating individual candidates’ election material. [Article 6(b) of the CUPE Ontario Constitution]. Please send materials to Yolanda McClean via Kareena Kawall at [email protected].

Click here to download the list of positions for election at CUPE Ontario’s 2022 Convention.

Click here to download the flyers for those offering for the above positions.

Registration Fee

Credential Type

Registration fee









Registration information is coming soon. Please check back later.

The 58th Annual CUPE Ontario Convention is fast approaching! Please note this year Convention is happening April 27 to 29, 2022 which is one month early.

This message is intended to provide friendly notice on the deadlines and timelines for Per Capita payments as it is related to the eligibility to receive credentials for Convention.

Payment up to and including October / November / December 2021 Per Capita Tax to CUPE Ontario must be received in order to receive the Locals registration credentials for the CUPE Ontario Convention, if your Local plans to attend.

To be entitled to representation at Convention, each Local’s Per Capita Tax payments must be paid on its total membership up to and including March 31st of the year in which the Convention is held. Payment must be received prior to the commencement of Convention in order for Delegates to be able to attend the Convention.

Article 6.7 of the CUPE National constitution provides that no organization, in arrears two (2) or more months with per capita tax payments to the national union, will be allowed representation at convention. Please ensure that the CUPE National per capita tax payments for your local are up to date.

If you have any questions regarding CUPE National dues, please call the CUPE National Per Capita line at 1-800-363-2873.  Please press option #5 to speak with Linda Marcoux.  If Linda is not available, please press option #3 and speak with Mylene Renaud.  Please note that this number is for CUPE National per capita inquiries only.

Locals may not have their March wages available in time to send in their numbers. While not ideal, please feel free to estimate your March 2022 payment using your February 2022 wages as a guide. If required, adjustments will be made in the following quarter.

In solidarity,

Yolanda McClean


Both ASL and French translation are available at the CUPE Ontario Convention. Please submit requests by the March 31st deadline. Please use the link in your Member Registration email to submit your translation request. You will receive that email once your Local’s executive has submitted your registration for Convention 2022.


CUPE Ontario strives to ensure that persons with disabilities have equal access to our conferences and events in a manner that fully respects their dignity and independence. Wherever possible, our services are provided to persons with disabilities and others in an integrated fashion – unless an alternate measure is necessary in order to enable a person with a disability to obtain, use, or benefit from our services.

Please submit an Access Request via the online Convention registration form by March 31, 2022.

A representative will be in touch with you prior to Convention to ensure that suitable arrangements have been made.  Some examples of services that are available are: ASL Interpretation, French translation, large print, electronic materials, etc.

An Accessibility Liaison will be available to assist you during our event.

Please contact Christine Fera for more information at [email protected].

Convention Awards 2022

Closing date for nominations: Tuesday March 15th

Sisters in Solidarity Logo

Sisters in Solidarity Award

The Sisters in Solidarity award was created to recognise the contributions of women in CUPE Ontario. The award seeks to honour and publicly celebrate a CUPE sister, group of sisters, or a women’s committee within a Local or District Council who has done outstanding work on women’s issues in the Union and whose leadership and activism have demonstrated a deep commitment to equity and social justice by breaking down barriers and increasing women’s participation in the Union.

Health and Safety Logo FR

Health & Safety Award

Do you know a member who has made a significant contribution on behalf of CUPE members in the area of Health and Safety? CUPE Ontario’s Health and Safety Committee is accepting nominations for the upcoming Health and Safety Award.

Injured Workers Advocacy Award

Do you know a member who has made a significant contribution on behalf of injured workers? CUPE Ontario’s Injured Workers Advocacy Committee wants to hear from you for their Injured Workers Advocate Award.

Racial Justice Award

The Livingstone Holder, Mervis White and Muriel Collins Award recognizes the contributions of CUPE members for enacting racial justice in our union. The award honours a CUPE member within a Local or District Council who has demonstrated leadership in promoting the engagement of racialized workers in all levels of CUPE activity and in working to remove barriers to full participation in all levels of CUPE activity.

Per capita paid up to receive credentials December 31
Convention Committee names must be submitted February 11
Election Material deadline [per Article 6(b) of the CUPE Ontario Constitution]
(CUPE Ontario will print and distribute flyers for those running for an elected position at Convention)
February 11
Local Assistance Form submission deadline February 28
Resolutions / Constitutional Amendments deadline March 10
Convention Awards (Sisters in Solidarity, H&S, IWAC, Racial Justice) deadline March 15
Date local union shall have paid per capita tax on its total membership up to and including March 31 in order to be seated Prior to Convention
Access Request Form deadline
(Note: You must complete this form if you require ASL Interpretation at Convention)
March 31
Family / Dependent Care Subsidy Form deadline Post Convention

All resolutions to be considered at a Convention must be submitted by a Local Union or District Council, or by the Executive Board of the Division, or committee thereof, so that they are in the office of the Secretary-Treasurer no later than Forty-Eight (48) Days prior to the Convention and must not exceed 200 words in total.

March 10, 2022 is the deadline for receiving Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments.

All resolutions must be submitted under the letterhead of the affiliate submitting same, and signed by the Presiding Officer and Secretary of such affiliate Article 4(h) of the CUPE Ontario Constitution. Please address resolutions to Yolanda McClean via email (in Microsoft Word) to Shadi Golic at [email protected].

CUPE Ontario will send these resolutions and constitutional amendments to any chartered organization that asks for a printed copy.  Please submit your request by email to [email protected]

Click here to download the 2022 Resolutions and Constitutional Amendments.

One of the most important contributions to an efficient Convention is the work carried out by the four Convention committees. You must be a registered delegate to Convention in order to serve on most of these committees. Some committees require you to attend pre-Convention meetings.

Committee Name Meeting Dates Requirements No. of Members
Ways & Means March 29 & 30 Registered delegate 3
Resolutions March 16 & 17 Registered delegate 7
Constitution March 17 & 18 Registered delegate 5
Credentials During Convention Registered delegate TBD

For a detailed description of the duties and tasks for each committee, please click here.

As outlined, there are a limited number of members per committee. If you wish to serve on a Convention committee, contact your Local and ask that your name be submitted no later than February 11, 2022. Please direct inquires to Shadi Golic at [email protected]. Click here to access the Committee form.

Please submit one form per nomination. For each award, nominations will be accepted through Tuesday, March 15th, 2022.

Health and Safety Award

Injured Workers Award

Racial Justice Award

Sisters in Solidarity Award