Newmarket Public Library workers need your support! They are the lowest-paid library workers in York Region, and the vast majority are part-time with no benefits. They’re bargaining for a new collective agreement that includes fair compensation and much-needed benefits for part-timers.

Send your message to Newmarket Town Council now to support library workers!

Dear Newmarket Town Council,

I am calling on you to reach a fair deal with workers at Newmarket Public Library. They are the lowest paid library workers in York Region and most of them are part-time with no health, dental, or vision benefits.

Library workers perform incredibly important work, fostering intellectual curiosity, empowering communities, and enriching lives. As a member of this community, I value the services and programs they provide. I want those services to continue being available without disruption of a strike.

We love our library workers! We want to ensure they receive fair compensation, benefits, and recognition for their contributions to our community.

Please reach a fair deal with Newmarket Public Library workers now!


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