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CUPE Ontario: Building Strength. Power. Political Clout.

In Ontario today, a bad political decision can render your best collective agreement meaningless. Whether it's privatization, cutbacks, forced mergers or restructuring, the swipe of a politician's pen can destroy good jobs. And everything you've built.

That's why CUPE Ontario continues to grow. We're a formidable political voice for affiliated locals across Ontario, leading major campaigns in our key sectors:

Health Care 

Making restructuring work for workers—from LHINS to long-term care, hospitals, community care and emergency services. 


Fighting privatization of water, electricity and arenas.

School Board

Leading the fight to fix the faulty school funding formula.

Social Services 

Coordinating bargaining for child care, Children's Aid and ACC workers.


Organizing and coordinating university workers across Ontario.

Building Power for Your Local

When a local is isolated, or when your activists are not connected, your ability to be strong for your members is seriously compromised.

  • At CUPE Ontario, we connect you to locals across the province that do the same work as you do. So that no one local or community is vulnerable to unwanted change.
  • Our committees assist locals with bargaining coordination and central bargaining models with proven success in improving wages and working conditions—crucial in areas where it's tough to build union power.
  • And, CUPE Ontario offers leadership on issues relevant to your members and their communities—from anti-racism and anti-sexism to diversity, building power for people with disabilities and enhancing pensions, health and safety.

Best of all, as an affiliate of CUPE Ontario you have direct influence in shaping our political policy and public voice.

If you're not affiliated to CUPE Ontario, you need to be. We can only fight your battles and build your power if we have your support, and your participation.

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CUPE Ontario 80 Commerce Valley Drive E. Suite 1, Markham, ON, L3T 0B2