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Stop Privatization

Email your Councillor TODAY! E-mail your Sudbury city councillor TODAY!

The City of Sudbury is pursuing a Public Private Partnership (or P3) for our proposed biosolids operation. This kind of ‘partnership' puts public services into the hands of private corporations.  These private schemes are bad policy and poor financial planning for the City. Even the report that the City commissioned KPMG to do cautioned us that a P3 project may cost more.

Key questions remain:

- the value for money audit has still not made public – what did it say?

- how much risk and liability would the City be exposed to?

- what impact will this  change have on jobs?

- what additional costs are being incurred because of the ongoing delays?

- what benefits if any, there are to the community and  Sudbury?


Stop P3s

Privatization costs more and delivers less - a public private partnership is a form of privatization. Keeping services public offers the highest levels of accountability and control.

Ask the Council to:

- QUESTION the proposed contract, demand accountability

- RESEARCH & SEEK alternatives to private contracts

- ENSURE good fiscal policy is in place and the City is protected

Email your Councillor to get them to make the responsible choice for Sudbury! Ask them to delay this decision and do what's best for Sudbury. Click here to send your email now.

See the media from the Sudbury Star: "Biosolids plan stinks: CUPE"

Biosolids plan stinks: CUPE

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