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   Make a Difference!

Ontario's 2010 municipal and school board election campaigns are underway.  Voting day is Monday October 25th, and between now and then is a once-in-four-years opportunity for CUPE members, and indeed all Ontarians, to debate and decide about the kind of communities we all want to live in.

What's at stake?  For one thing: universal public services.

Promises being made by some candidates to cut taxes might sound appealing on the surface, but there are precious few tax cuts that won't mean service cuts.  Other candidates are more bold and openly campaign for privatization and reducing the services we all rely upon.

Remember, on Oct 25th, we can elect the councillors and Mayors who will prevent more privatization and contracting out of public services.  If you wait till October 26th to see what happens, it will be too late.

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