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Building Communities With Strong Public Services

CUPE Ontario is the political wing of the Canadian Union of Public Employees—Canada's largest union—in the country's most populated province.

With more than 240,000 members, CUPE Ontario is a formidable political voice. We campaign at the provincial level for legislative, policy and political change on issues affecting public services and our dedicated members who deliver them. We are proud to partner with labour and community groups to build strong communities and the kind of province that we all want.

Privatization, forced mergers, cutbacks, restructuring and other issues are affecting our quality of life in Ontario. They are also putting jobs, wages and working conditions of thousands of working people on the line every day. At CUPE Ontario, we continue to lead major campaigns in our key sectors:

Health Care

Making restructuring work for quality health care—from LHINS to long-term care, hospitals,   community care and emergency services.


Fighting costly privatization of community services like water, electricity and arenas.

School Board

Campaigning to fix the faulty school funding formula and provide quality education.

Social Services 

Ensuring the health and economic well being of communities through adequately funded social service agencies and dedicated front-line workers.


Championing accessible and affordable university education across Ontario.

Our elected leaders, executive board, staff and activists also provide leadership on a range of social justice issues including human rights, diversity and education as well as key matters such as pensions and health and safety.

CUPE Ontario 80 Commerce Valley Drive E. Suite 1, Markham, ON, L3T 0B2