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Fred Hahn
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Fred Hahn headshot

Candace Rennick
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Candace Rennick headshot


First Vice-President
Michael Hurley

Headshot of Michael Hurley

Second Vice-President
Yolanda McClean

Headshot of Yolanda McClean

Third Vice-President
John Camilleri

Headshot of John Camilleri

Fourth Vice-President
Henri Giroux

Headshot of Henri Giroux

Diversity Vice-Presidents

Joanne Webb
Diversity VP
Aboriginal Workers

Headshot of Joanne Webb

Veriline Howe
Diversity VP
Racialized Workers

Headshot of Veriline Howe

Patrick Hannon
Diversity VP
LGBTQ Workers

Headshot of Patrick Hannon

Executive Board Members

Vern Andrus
Executive Member

Headshot of Vern Andrus

Tiffany Balducci
Executive Member

Headshot of Tiffany Balducci

Dan Crow
Executive Member

Headshot of Dan Crow

Helen Fetterly
Executive Member

Headshot of Helen Fetterly

Tracey Newman
Executive Member

Headshot of Tracey Newman

Eddie Pereira
Executive Member

Headshot of Eddie Pereira

Sector Chairs

Kelly O’Sullivan
Health Care Workers (HCWCC)

Headshot of Kelly O'Sullivan

Misty Gagne
Municipal Workers (OMECC)

Headshot of Misty Gagne

Terri Preston
School Board Workers (OSBCC)

Headshot of Terri Preston

Janice Folk-Dawson
University Workers (OUWCC)

Headshot of Janice Folk-Dawson

Carrie Lynn Poole-Cotnam
Social Service Workers (SSWCC)

Headshot of Carrie Lynn Poole-Cotnam

Provincial Retirees Group

William Harford
Provincial Retirees Group

Headshot of William Harford
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